About FPS Hydraulics Corp.

FPS Hydraulics Corp. is co-owned by three long-term friends and business partners Karen Jirak, Ken Jirak, and Marc VanTine. The three previously founded Fluid Power Service in the 1980s, and eventually sold the company to a corporation. In 2019, they decided to open to FPS Hydraulics Corp., after such success with their previous hydraulics company.

FPS Hydraulics Corp. was founded with the mission of providing the best customer service in the business. As locally owned and operated company, they truly value their reputation in the local community and strive to ensure that all of their customers are happy. With their extensive background in business management, they've learned that success is derived by focusing on satisfied customers and employees.

The company's focus also lies in quality service work. Marc and Ken are both certified fluid hydraulics specialists - an achievement that requires extensive knowledge of the industry. With over 30 years of experience in hydraulic engineering, they are equipped to provide the best hydraulic services in Buffalo, Rochester & Sardinia, NY and the surrounding areas.

Marc, Ken & Karen have been working together for over 30 years! Karen began working for Marc's father at age 20, not long before she met Ken. Karen and Ken are now married with three children. Marc is also happily married with two children. The three of them are great friends and strong business partners, committed to providing top quality service for their customers!